Expanding the capabilities of BAFTA's albert carbon calculator to improve the measurement of the carbon impact of TV and film productions.

  • British Academy of Film and Television Arts

  • United Kingdom

Originally launched in 2011, albert, a BAFTA owned and industry backed organisation, launched the albert carbon calculator to measure the carbon impact of TV and film productions, and provide active steps towards reducing it. Noticing gaps for international carbon data in the calculator, Building Research Solutions – now part of the Environmental and Sustainability team at Okana – worked with BAFTA to better equip the calculator for the industry.

Working closely with the albert team, we audited the calculator’s libraries to scan for opportunities and inconsistencies. Dr Ruth Saint, principal investigator, and Dr Jon Stinson, support, set out to find quantifiable values for the carbon impact factors of any international activity taken by a production crew, from travel and transport (carbon per tonne kilometre) to accommodation (energy per day).

Using the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) data as a blueprint, we ran through BAFTA’s wishlist of countries’ governmental websites for their equivalent or used the most reliable and accurate sources.

After converting all countries’ metrics and variables into a consistent formula, and rounds of data analysis, data processing, and data conditioning, the team presented a sensitivity analysis to illustrate our confidence in each value.

The albert carbon calculator can now be used in a large list of countries around the world; it contains emission factors from different sources depending on the country where the measurements need to be done. We have built a database of 309 different electricity emission and rail emission factors, for different countries and states.

The team continue to work with the arts and creative industries, to support in their journey toward net zero.

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