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Okana led the development of the Construction Risk Libray, as part of the Health and Safety Executive's Discovering Safety programme.

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The Discovering Safety programme, a ground breaking five-year initiative spearheaded by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and funded by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

This global collaboration brings together the brightest minds from industry, academia, and governments worldwide to harness the power of data and innovation to prevent accidents before they happen. At the heart of Discovering Safety lies a powerful engine: advanced data analysis techniques. By meticulously analysing accident and incident data spanning 40 years, the programme aims to create a global knowledge resource and insight. This initiative fosters a dynamic research environment, where experts can explore innovative ways to utilise this safety data. The ultimate aim is a safer working world, achieved through international training, education, and practical solutions.

Okana was appointed to contribute to this ambitious programme. Specifically, the team led the development of the Construction Risk Library, a comprehensive document on risk in construction.  It includes developed datasets to describe risk scenarios in design and how these can be linked to preventive risk treatments. Okana led the third phase of the development of the library, through collaborative workshops with multiple design teams across different projects and various industry groups, such as the BIM4H&S group, with feedback factored into the development of the risk library.  The results provide a leading indicator for the application of the general principles of prevention on a project and to be used as a benchmark for the wider industry – enabling the proactive addressing of safety concerns in construction.

The team’s comprehensive technical review and expansion of the current library content ensured that all typical construction and operation risks were included, along with a complete list of treatments for mitigating each risk. This was then supported by a newly developed toolkit, allowing construction professionals to navigate the library with ease, ensuring this valuable information reaches the hands of those who need it most.

As part of the project, Okana championed the utilisation of digital technologies with safety protocols through a trial of site-based sensor technology integrated within a 3D virtual model environment. The pioneering approach demonstrated how safety regulations and digital technologies can be applied together, to identify and monitor safety zones in construction sites in order to proactively prevent on-site accidents.

Okana’s involvement in the Discovering Safety programme highlights the commitment to a safer future for the construction industry by harnessing the power of data, fostering innovation, and embracing digital solutions.

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