Liverpool City Region Housing Initiative

Okana partner, Metro Dynamics was appointed to work alongside Lloyds Banking Group and Liverpool City Region in exploring a model for public-private collaboration and impactful investment to improve local housing outcomes.

  • Lloyds Banking Group
    Liverpool City Region Combined Authority

  • Liverpool, United Kingdom

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The Liverpool City Region (LCR) faces a unique set of housing challenges. Lower delivery rates, a preponderance of older housing, and pockets of concentrated deprivation all contribute to a lower quality of life for residents. Recognising this, Lloyds Banking Group partnered with the LCR Combined Authority to launch the Liverpool City Region Housing Initiative (LCRHI). This initiative aims to be a catalyst for positive change, aligning with Lloyds’ pledge to support building 1 million homes by 2030.

Through collaboration with key stakeholders, the LCRHI seeks to build partnerships that explore and test new initiatives to improve housing, communities, and quality of life. It further aims to galvanise collective action, fostering a cross-sector response to housing and regeneration. This collaborative approach attracts investment from Lloyds, the Combined Authority, local authorities, Homes England, and local communities.

Following research and analysis, it was clear LCRHI needed to tackle several interconnected challenges. Ensuring a diverse housing stock that caters to residents across the economic spectrum, including social housing, key worker housing, and options for young professionals, is a primary focus. Additionally, addressing quality issues prevalent in older private rented housing and explores retrofit solutions to improve energy efficiency and meet Net Zero targets.

Building stronger communities and fostering cohesion is another key objective. This includes tackling empty homes, supporting community-led housing initiatives, and driving regeneration projects in key areas. Finally, finding solutions for those who are homeless or require temporary accommodation is a critical priority.

Following identification of the LCR housing challenges, the team adopted a rapid development and testing phase. This phase identified sites across the city region, understanding local authority priorities for mobilising sites, and co-designing a delivery vehicle for implementation. The programme is continuing to make progress by identifying specific sites and schemes for intervention, embedding support from national partners, and strengthening partnerships in the city region.

The LCRHI showcases the power of collaboration and innovation in tackling complex housing challenges. As the programme progresses, it holds the potential to transform the LCR’s housing landscape, creating a future where everyone has access to a safe, sustainable, and thriving place to call home.

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