Paisley Grammar School

Okana was appointed by Renfrewshire Council to provide environmental analysis for the UK’s largest Passive House education project, Paisley Grammar School Community Campus.

  • Renfrewshire Council

  • Renfrewshire, Scotland

Okana, alongside partner Ryder, played a key role in shaping the future of Paisley Grammar School Community Campus. Designed by Ryder, with environmental expertise supplied by Okana, this state of the art secondary school, is designed to accommodate 1,350 students and goes beyond mere functionality. It embodies a vision of collaborative design, environmental responsibility, and community engagement.

The new campus is part of the LEIP Wave 2 programme, fostering connections between the school and the surrounding community. Sports facilities, performance areas, and teaching kitchens will be accessible for out-of-hours use, creating a vibrant hub. This approach, rooted in thoughtful placemaking, fosters inclusivity, safety, and respect, all while building on the rich tradition of Paisley Grammar School.


Alongside its social impact, the new campus paves the way for innovative learning experiences. Flexible spaces equipped with cutting-edge technology will empower new pedagogies and position the school as a leader in sustainable learning design.

Sustainability was at the forefront of the project, with a strong emphasis on Passive House certification. Okana’s expertise in environmental analysis, powered by digital tools, played a crucial role in optimising passive design solutions. Scripting tools within SketchUp and Rhino allowed the team to assess various design options, comparing factors like solar exposure, radiation, and airflow on a number of massing options within the site. This data driven approach informed key design decisions and ultimately led to the selection of the most efficient and optimal building layout.



The project team conducted a comprehensive wind analysis, taking into account seasonal variations and prevailing wind directions. This data was used to optimise outdoor comfort zones within the campus grounds.

Daylight, essential for a positive learning environment, was a key consideration. Parametric modelling techniques were employed to determine the ideal window size and placement for each classroom. This meticulous approach ensured sufficient natural light while maintaining comfort considerations like views and ventilation.

The new Paisley Grammar School is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2026. This project stands as a testament to Okana’s commitment to creating sustainable, community-oriented learning environments that will inspire future generations.

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