Royal Household 

Renovating the world famous royal residence required Okana to develop, advise and deliver on the Royal Estates information management strategy.

  • The Royal Household

  • London, United Kingdom

When renovations at Buckingham Palace started in 2017, the need to manage the wider Royal Estates building information, heritage assets and legacy information became a key focus of the project. 

The £369m refurbishment, spanning over 10 years, is the largest of its kind since before the second World War. The project involved replacing:

  • 100 miles

    of electrical cabling

  • 6,500

    electrical sockets

  • 5,000

    light fittings

  • 2,500


Alongside this work, the estates Property Services Team was actively seeking to use the refurbishment as an opportunity to improve how their asset information was managed across the entirety of the Royal Household’s estate. 

After Okana’s work on developing a Digital Twin for Sydney Opera House caught their attention, our team was asked to come on board to develop, advise and deliver on their information management strategy. 

Starting with a deep dive into their existing processes, our teams created a corporate and operational strategy for Building Information Management (BIM) implementation across the estate, alongside a practical roadmap, detailing the methods to deliver organisation-wide implementation across the vast estate.  

Our aim was to identify areas for improvement, ensuring enhanced reliability, consistency, and accessibility to refine the management and maintenance of the estate’s priceless heritage assets for now and the future. 

The roadmap detailed the incremental phases of work required to achieve the agreed vision of optimised performance, the efficient and effective delivery of projects, plus the operation and integrated digital information systems and processes.  

We created all the elements required for the Royal Household to progress in their BIM journey. By delivering a suite of template of BIM documents, OIR, AIR and EIRs, we identified potential pilot projects and a recommended training plan for the team, many of which are now in place across the Royal Household. 

Our work with the Property Services Team ultimately allowed them to build an in-house team to optimise the refurbishment and future proof any further projects, whilst ensuring they capture the right information and manage, maintain and improve it, all helping to protect the timeless history housed across the estate. 

Okana is continuing to support The Royal Household as work continues on Buckingham Palace and other estate properties.  

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