Sydney Opera House

Okana provided the world famous landmark with specialist facilities management and technical consultancy services.

  • Sydney Opera House

  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney Opera House at dusk

40 years after its opening in 1973, Okana, formerly BIM Academy, landed a major project at the world famous Sydney Opera House. The Opera House’s data systems were outdated, and Okana was appointed to provide specialist facilities management and technical consultancy services to assist in the maintenance of this iconic architectural structure.

The solution was a custom-made system called BIM4FM (Building Information Modelling for Facilities Management). This system aimed to improve efficiency and reduce costs, all while enhancing the visitor experience and preserving the Opera House’s rich cultural programme.

Sydney Opera House entrance at night

The team collaborated closely with the Opera House team to design a system that met their current and future needs. The project unfolded in two stages over two years. First, they tackled the challenge of collecting and linking information from various sources, both old and new, into a single digital 3D model. The second stage involved adding new features and functionalities to the BIM interface, making it even more powerful over time.

This innovative system allowed the Opera House to create a web-based interface. This interface connected a constantly updated digital model of the building to its various engineering, maintenance, and control systems. It also empowered the Opera House team to streamline and improve their technical documents.

Wireframe of Sydney Opera House

Sideview Wireframe of Sydney Opera House

Previously, the Opera House struggled with an outdated and cumbersome technical document database. We completely revamped the system, making it more efficient and user-friendly. These improvements included adding new data fields, improving editing forms, and enabling bulk editing of documents. The custom web-based interface, free of licensing restrictions, for a more scalable solution helped heighten efficiencies further.

Aerial view shot of Sydney Opera House

Okana’s approach was groundbreaking. The team identified the Opera House’s data gaps and outdated methods, and their solutions promised to revolutionise the way facilities are managed.

Even after celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2023, the Sydney Opera House continues to rely on Okana’s expertise. We remain a trusted advisor for the iconic landmark.

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