Sylvia Park

Designed by Okana partners, i2C and Ryder, Sylvia Park is the first Build to Rent (BTR) development in New Zealand.

  • Kiwi Property

  • Auckland, New Zealand

Render of a modern apartment complex with multiple buildings surrounded by greenery, people walking and a cyclist on a street in front, cars parked on the side.

Based in the Auckland suburb of Mount Wellington, Sylvia Park, New Zealand’s first BTR development, comprises 295 apartments set across three separate buildings around a central communal open space.

Designed by Okana partners, i2C and Ryder, it sees the creation of a vibrant and healthy community with a deep connection to place and promotion of neighbourhood values.  The design incorporates the industrial history of Sylvia Park, and relates it to the site’s local ecology. The site connects directly with the adjoining greenspace and creek, enabling residents to enjoy and embrace the natural environment.

Render of a modern apartment buildings with balconies and rooftop gardens, surrounded by greenery, with people enjoying the park and walking on the sidewalk. A white car and a cyclist are on the street in front of the buildings.

The collaboration demonstrates the Okana advantage – seeing UK residential experience and local southern hemisphere knowledge working alongside one another. A partnership that continues to grow with i2C representatives visiting the UK to learn from Ryder’s work in the residential sector.

The integrated design approach ensured quality assurance and standards were consistently met throughout.  The collaborative ethos enabled learnings to be shared between the team from differing cultural perspectives, ensuring the best solutions were sought and delivered for the client.

3D architectural diagram

The potential challenges posed by the truly global nature of the project were proactively addressed and overcame.  Systems and culture enabled the team to continually work as one, utilising BIM 360 to provide a single source model which could be collaborated on and coordinated in real time. The entire team was able to access a fully coordinated live model across a near day-long shift.  Key packages were assigned to individual members of the team with regular communication ensuring responsibilities and deadlines were fully understood.

Architectural diagram of front of building with options

The design has been awarded a seven star Homestar rating, which demonstrates the energy performance, efficiency and sustainability considerations of the dwelling.  Completed on schedule to an overwhelming positive public response, it’s being advocated as a solution to the local need for rental property and the increased desire for convenient local facilities – a true reflection of the global move towards 15-minute cities.

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