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We craft resilient solutions that cater to the needs of our clients and communities globally, both for today and the future.

Place Shaping

Our place shaping strategy integrates cross market skills and insights to create sustainable, vibrant urban and rural environments.

By combining local knowledge with global best practices, we ensure that our projects are both culturally sensitive and environmentally sustainable. Our approach is data-driven, allowing us to leverage innovative trends and insights to inform our proposals. Our extensive experience in leading multidisciplinary design teams enables us to deliver cohesive solutions that foster economic vitality and benefit future generations.

Strategy and Intelligence

Our strategy process is bespoke, designed to meet the unique challenges, goals, and aspirations of each client and brief.

By combining local knowledge with our extensive international expertise, we craft strategies that lead to tangible outcomes. Starting with a clear understanding of each client’s vision, we set strategic goals and key performance indicators early in the process, ensuring alignment and clarity throughout. Our engagement methods, backed by research and digital strategies, help stakeholders develop roadmaps for success. Our commitment extends beyond initial project completion, offering ongoing optimisation services to ensure sustained success and impact.


Okana leverages extensive expertise in economics, finance, investment, policy, and governance to provide strategic counsel to entities engaged in the development and growth of communities and investments.

Our solutions to economic development, public health, and inclusive growth strategies have fortified local economies, making them more robust and resilient. Our team, adept in navigating both the public and private sectors, is influential in shaping policies and driving initiatives that foster sustainable community growth and prosperity. Our passion for local communities and their futures is matched by our commitment to utilising our expertise to help them reach their full potential.


Okana’s approach to design tackles the complex challenges of the built environment with innovative, seamless solutions.

Our integrated design philosophy is founded on collaboration, blending key skills and insights to explore the most effective solutions. We bring together local and global knowledge, ensuring that our projects not only embrace cultural contexts but also benefit from a breadth of international expertise. This approach empowers our teams to align on shared objectives, delivering solutions that improve the immediate built landscape while also protecting the broader environment for future generations.

Environmental and Sustainability

At Okana, we are committed to guiding our clients towards achieving net zero, leveraging our expertise to significantly reduce environmental impacts.

Our approach incorporates strategic planning, computational modelling, and dynamic monitoring, with a keen focus on operational energy, embodied carbon, and the creation of sustainable communities. Our thought leadership in environmental and sustainability issues ensures that each project not only meets, but exceeds standards for environmental stewardship, ensuring a healthy, efficient, and sustainable future for all.

Featured projects

A busy street with cars driving by, surrounded by modern glass and concrete buildings, with a South Korean flag flying in the foreground.

South Korea Sustainability Strategy

Paisley Grammar School

Data and Digital

In an era where technology drives change, Okana places technology and process innovation at the core of our strategies.

Our digital systems improve project team collaboration, manage critical data effectively, and mitigate risks associated with information discrepancies. This approach not only enhances quality but also yields significant time and cost savings. From project inception, our commitment to digital integration safeguards organisational goals, enhancing value and minimising risks, while ensuring strict compliance with industry standards.

Featured projects

Entrance to BMW plant

BMW Group

Aerial view shot of Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Safety and Resilience

Safety and resilience are paramount in all Okana projects.

Through the adoption of innovative methods and digital tools, aligned with global best practices, we ensure the utmost safety compliance and risk management. Our comprehensive approach to safety, from policy review to the implementation of leading health and safety practices, underscores our commitment to creating secure and resilient built environments.

Training and Development

Okana is dedicated to fostering growth and innovation through comprehensive training and development programmes.

Our educational initiatives blend theoretical insights with practical applications, preparing future leaders to meet the challenges of sustainability, digital construction, and safety with confidence. Our commitment to education ensures that both clients and educational institutions benefit from curricula enriched with directly transferable industry skills, promoting operational efficiency, sustainable practice adoption, and adherence to evolving standards.

Featured projects

A long exposure photograph of a city skyline by a calm river with a dramatic, cloudy sky at dusk.

Middlesbrough College

Twilight cityscape showing modern skyscrapers

Qatar Public Works Authority 

The Okana advantage

United in our goal to blend vision with economics, we are committed to creating sustainable solutions that have a meaningful impact on communities around the world.


Our independence and agility enables us to provide bespoke services that leverage our comprehensive expertise.


We place collaboration at the heart, sharing expertise across specialisms and sectors, providing global opportunities for our people and clients.


Our technological prowess, and international capability, allows us to respond adeptly to every challenge, with a steadfast aim towards a sustainable built environment.

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Global reach

Our expansive reach is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation.  Our multinational and multilingual team allows us to influence and shape the built environment across borders.

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With a global perspective and diverse expertise, we collaborate with clients to generate transformational results.

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